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01-Jun-2002 Ok, finally got the CPC emulation up and running. I haven't done the AY (sound chip) emulation yet, just the IO ports for the CPC keyboard, that's why there's no sound with the CPC emulation. The home page has been modified to use JavaScript to get the available Computers and Games from the Applet itself. I think I've got the JavaScript working Ok now in both IE and Netscape 4.7. I haven't tested it with Netscape 6. Latest source is also available for download. Have fun.
23-May-2002 Sound output should now be working on the VZ emulation. Also added the Computer and Game selection boxes.
22-May-2002 The full web site is now up and running with the latest version of the emulator Applet on this page, and the latest source code available for download. The first computer to be emulated is the Dick Smith VZ-200 or VZ-300. This was my first computer, and is a Z80 based computer developed by Video Technologies.